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And in the end the LOVE you take is equal to the Love you make......Paul McCartney

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What does love mean to you? project...

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe,
    deserve your love and affection.
                                                                                                     - Buddha

What does LOVE mean to you?  Joshua’s Place wants to know and we want to spread the word!  What Does Love Mean To You - Love Project is a contest that will give people all around the world a chance to make a video, share their perspective and share the LOVE. 

The final project What Does Love Mean To You - Around The World, will be a compilation of videos and video clips from contestants. Our intention is that once we release the whole movie, it will go viral and help to bring enlightenment & Love to the world. We have posted the demo on our YouTube channel here: Click here.

What Is Love Demo   
This video is meant to give you an idea. The only guideline is that you explain “for me love is…” Yours does not have to be exactly like the demo, it can be one person or many or even a video of nature with a narrative-be creative the sky is the limit! 
Once your video is finished you can upload it to our YouTube channel through your mobile app.  For help with this, read this article.  Any videos that are submitted become the property of Joshua’s Place.  We may use the whole video or parts of it.

Once we have viewed all the entries we will select the winners and post it on our website. The prizes for the best videos will be:

1st prize will be $1,200.00
2nd prize will be $500.00

3rd prize will be $300.00

In order for your video to be entered and used you will need to give us your contact information including:

The video should be no longer than 3 minutes and does not have to be in English. You can email us at

If you are selected as one of the winners you will need to give us your mailing address so we can mail your winnings to you.  We will contact you via email for your mailing address if you are one of the selected finalists.

That’s it!  Grab your camera or phone and start recording. Lets change the world one video at a time. 

As Mahatma Gandhi says:
"Be The Change You Wish To See In The World..."

Susan McArdle, Executive Director and the Board of Joshua’s Place would like to thank you for time and consideration in helping us with our What Does Love Mean To You  - Love Project.