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The Happiness Manifestation Meditation

Meditation by Break The Norms

Take a moment to settle in and get comfortable. Allow the excitement of the day to fade away as you prepare yourself for relaxation.

Let's begin by becoming aware of the breath......We are going to take 5 deep breaths through the nose, hold the breath and release the breath.

Continue being aware of your breath and quiet your mind for the next few moments.

When thoughts come in, let them go and return to being aware of your breathing. Try not to entertain the thoughts. Allow them drift away...

Take a deep breath in... and let it go.

Begin to become aware of your body. Try feeling your body from the inside out. Start with your feet and slowly move this awareness throughout your entire body, relaxing each part of your being....

If you feel tension or discomfort anywhere, you may send healing energy to that area...
Allow yourself to melt deeper into relaxation and peace....
If you become distracted by your thoughts, it's ok... continue to concentrate on your slow and gentle breathing...
Continue relaxing each part of your body....
Keep breathing deeply and gently, staying centered and grounded in the here and now.
Allowing yourself to melt deeper and deeper into relaxation and peace.
Ask yourself, "Where does my happiness come from?"
Just meditate upon the question. Don't try to find the answer.
Accept all answers that come your way.
When an answer comes, let it go and fall a little deeper into your consciousness.
Keep breathing deeply.
Be an observer of your consciousness.
Watch your thoughts as a witness and try not to identify with them.
Keep repeating the question, "Where does my happiness come from?"
Deep breath in and let it go.
Another deep breath in and let it go....
Become aware of all sensations in your body, without judging them.
Become aware of all sounds and smells in this room... Allow yourself to be fully present in this experience, here and now...

At this time, pull all of your awareness to your heart center. Feel the warmth and glow of the light filling your heart with Love and gratitude. Be thankful for everything that you have in your life. Be grateful for everything the Universe has given to you, everything She has taken from you and everything that is on its way for you. Merge into the flow of bliss and gratitude. You are cared for, you are sheltered, you are blessed.

Allow this bliss coming from your heart center to flow out into the Universe; spreading Love and Peace to all beings.

Let's take 3 deep breaths to center ourselves and prepare to awaken.

Slowly bring your attention back to this room and when you are ready you may open your eyes.

Loving Your Enemies Meditation

Get into a comfortable, seated position, either in a chair with your legs uncrossed, or on the floor. Adjust your posture so that your spine is upright, yet your body feels relaxed. Rest your hands in your lap or on your thighs, with the palms facing up or down.

Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breathing. Take a few conscious and deep abdominal breaths. Let your exhalations carry out any tension or anxiety you're feeling now, and use them throughout your meditation to expel any tension or anxiety that comes up.

If it is helpful, you may use the affirmations—"I am" on the in-breath and "calm and relaxed" on the out-breath—to center yourself during this practice

Bring your awareness to your heart. Allow your breaths to massage this area. Notice any specific feelings or thoughts you may have about yourself, people you know, or any particular event. Cultivate a detached and nonjudgmental attitude to anything that comes up for you

Continue to focus on the heart area while doing the following:
Cultivate a friendly and accepting attitude toward yourself and your friends.
Develop feelings of compassion and understanding for all those who suffer.
Be joyful in your thoughts about a particular person who's important to you or a saint or a Divine Being, you hold in high esteem.
Maintain feelings of indifference and equanimity to anyone who has harmed you or anyone else. Don't get sucked into their mean-spiritedness or harmful deeds.

To complete your meditation, take three to five deep abdominal breaths. Open your eyes and slowly get up. 


Everyone you have ever loved in your
life becomes a part of your soul.
They never leave.  They're always inside you and you can bring then out whenever your want.
"Meditate, Visualize and Create your own reality and the
Univere will simply reflect back to you."

— Gautama Buddha